Register for the BellandVision Customer Web Portal

Before you are able to use the BellandVision Customer Web Portal you have to do a one-time registration. After that you are allowed to use the complete extent of this service free-of-charge.

Please consider the password regulations:

  • You can choose your password by your own, but you have to make sure the following password regulation:

  • Please enter a password consisting of at least 8 characters with a lower-case letter, an upper-case letter, a number and a symbol (!?_=()@#£$§%).

  • Example: Sample_1, Kevin?72

More Information for one-time registration you will find below:

Please do here the one-time registration for the Customer Web Portal:

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Registrate manufacturer (You received the manufacturer code with your contract!)

1. Manufacturer no.*
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Note for registration of a new manufacturer:

  • You can activate in one step up to five companies for which you want to do the accounting.

  • You can add another manufacturers after registration under Customer Web Portal / Own Data.

  • Please note that always the user registered for a manufacturer gets the administrator role.


*= mandatory fields: Please recheck the accuracy of the stored data and correct them if necessary.