Dual System BELLANDDual

Legal and Economic Security

The German Packaging Act stipulates that manufacturers and distributors are obliged to license all sales packaging and repackaging, which are typically generated by private end users and equivalent sources of waste generation, in a dual system and ensure that they are taken back and recycled in due and proper form. BELLANDDual is recognised throughout Germany by the responsible authorities in accordance with the German Packaging Act and organises separated collection of used sales packaging close to households across the board.

BellandVision ensures that taken-back packaging is recovered in an environmentally-friendly way, documents the process as required by the legislative authority and creates an annual mass flow balance checked by an expert in accordance with the German Packaging Act.

Dual system BELLANDDual

Dual system BELLANDDual - Your benefits

  • collection and recovery of sales packaging in accordance with the German Packaging Act

  • precise documentation of all licensed quantities for the completeness statement

  • competent, individual consultation and free information service

  • excellent service: e. g. the free accounting software Re@BellandVision, extensive support, IT support, convenient accounting service and weighing out of packaging to determine the license fee

  • free use of the BellandVision logo for labelling packaging

  • by participating in the dual system, BellandVision customers make an active contribution to environmental and climate protection


Approx. 9,000 contract partner from industry and trade using the convenient range of services of BELLANDDual with complete satisfaction. See these benefits for yourself!

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