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The German Packaging Act provides manufacturers who supply equivalent sources of waste generation, such as hotels, canteens and hospitals, under certain conditions with the option of disposing of waste and recovering it appropriately themselves or through a third party contractor and ensuring that it is properly recycled via an industry solution (§ 8 VerpackG).

The manufacturer must prove, by attestation of a registered expert, that he or a third party appointed by him has set up a suitable industry-specific collection structure, disposes of written confirmations from all the delivery points supplied by him about their integration into this collection structure and guarantees the recovery of the returned packaging in accordance with the requirements.

As a third-party contractor, BellandVision organizes the disposal of the participating waste collection points as part of the BELLAND industry solution, ensures the environmentally friendly sorting and recycling of the returned packaging and documents this industry-specific, as required by law. Of course, BellandVision compiles an annually verified volume flow according to the Packaging Act.

By participating in an industry solution, BellandVision customers make an active contribution to environmental and climate protection.

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