Quantifying Sustainability

BellandVision CO2 emission certificate

Sustainability - of course for the future

Climate change and a global shortage of raw materials are current and in future the greatest challenges facing mankind. Recycling and waste prevention, based on a modern recycling economy will therefore continue to have a significantly greater impact on the quality of life of all people as today - only alternative is a drastic welfare waiver.

The reduction of CO2 emissions and thus active climate protection and the conservation of natural resources through recycling are therefore the main tasks of the sustainability strategy of BellandVision that will be implemented with concrete operational measures. The CO2 emission certificate of BellandVision provides customers with proof of positive environmental, energy and resource effects of packaging disposal and recycling.

Measuring CO2 savings from packaging disposal and recycling

The Institute DFGE AG - Institute for Energy, Ecology and Economy of Munich is partner of BellandVision for preparing this report. All calculations and validations were performed by the external DFGE. The CO2 balance was done according to the GHG (Green House of the standard-gas protocol) and in line with the environmental balance in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14040.

The study is monitoring the entire service chain of BellandVision from capture through transport, sorting, processing to the recovery and recycling and includes also all the emissions generated by the business activities of BellandVision (energy consumption, business travel, supplies, etc.).

Website of DFGE
CO2 emission certificate: recycling chain


For customers of BellandVision thus avoided CO2 emissions from primary raw materials and energy savings will be made measurable and reported in a CO2 air certificate.

Packaging material that can be evaluated

Sales packaging contributed at BellandVision systems BELLANDDual and BELLANDBranche will be considered for CO2 emission certificate if they are made from material of:

  • glass
  • paper, cardboard and paperboard 
  • tinplate
  • aluminium
  • plastic
  • composites
  • natural materials

Benefits of CO2 emission certificate

  • As a proof for sustainable operation in terms of climate protection and resource conservation BellandVision customers receive a CO2 climate certificate that is created once a year based on individual material streams

  • Customers get a sustainable instrument for further optimization of their sales packaging

  • Customers have the ability to integrate the CO2 climate certificate in their own environmental and sustainability reports, augmenting their own sustainability strategies